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Archives I presume?

About the Belgian State Archives

What do we preserve?

Our institution watches over the due preservation of the records produced and administrated by the pubic utilities, administrations and authorities. The State Archives thus acquire and keep all records older than 30 years originating form the courts and tribunals, the public administrations, notaries, etc. On the other hand, companies, politicians, and individuals having played an important role for the country can hand over their records to our institution. We also make sure that all of these archives are managed and preserved in a responsible manner and made acessible to the public.

Where do you find us?

These are the vast and varied tasks we accomplish in the first place for our readers Our 18 reading rooms are fitted with a suitable and sophisticated infrastructure in order to accommodate a heterogeneous public and readership with all necessary research instruments. Our personnel will spare no efforts to ease your research in over 200 km of archives and 25 km of books. Guides and inventories are of course at your disposal for further support.


Having passed its bicentennial anniversary, our institution looks into a bright future. The State Archive's modern means help to respond to the needs and wishes of clients and citizens in a continuously improving manner. One example hereof is our Internet site and its powerful search engines that enable the user to search our archives online. Our digital reading rooms provide an even bigger offer in digitised archival documents.

The State Archives of Belgium hold thousands of stories of institutions and individuals. You too can probably find a piece of your own history hidden in them.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question you might have.